Waldos Barbeque, Frank Estadt, ownerFrank Estadt, BBQ CEO, came to Waldo’s BBQ in the spring of 2005, packing 15 years of restaurant management experience under his snout. Challenging Clay Caldwell for co-ownership in a good ‘ole fashioned game of poker, Frank hit an inside straight draw on the river, knocking down Clay’s two pair. Since assuming control of the day to day operations of the company, Frank has grown the Waldo’s empire from one store to three and is well on the way to fulfilling the Waldo’s BBQ “master plan”, which is to expand to every state in the union, in alphabetical order. Look out Alabama! The rumor that Frank promptly barbequed the rest of Clay’s pig is completely unfounded.

Waldos Barbeque, Clay Caldwell, former ownerClay Caldwell, our Boss Hog, grew up on his family’s pig farm in Snowflake, Arizona. Snowflake Pig Farm began in 1966, and went from 21 pigs to 70,000 in their heyday. Clay was in charge of animal health, and was recognized as Pork All American in 1992. While in Des Moines, Iowa, for the awards ceremony, he purchased a Texas smoker, and upon returning to Arizona, he would barbeque for his farm employees, family, and friends, until it became a “bad” habit. On January 6, 1993, Clay left the farm to start Waldo’s BBQ in Mesa. His smoker came with him and has been in use every day ever since. Clay’s sense of humor is represented throughout the restaurant, which you can browse as you enjoy our delicious barbeque. Legends of Clay abound. For example, Clay once had a pet pig with a wooden leg. When asked, “Why does your pig have a wooden leg?,” he answered, “You don’t eat a good pig like that all at once!” We hope you enjoy our barbeque and make it your “bad” habit too!